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Pain Relief Salve

Pain relief salve for all of your daily needs. Alleviate soreness, soften your skin, and enjoy your day without discomfort!

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Born from a need for persistent pain relief, this salve was created to alleviate soreness from scoliosis. What we found was that it was effective for all kinds of things. After selling nearly 1000 units we realized that this salve:
  • reduces swelling and stiffness from arthritis
  • alleviates muscle soreness
  • mitigates neuropathy pins and needles
  • helps eczema
  • fixes extreme dry cracked skin
  • alleviates sunburn pain
  • and more!
Ingredients: Organic Everything… African Shea Butter, Arnica, Clove Oil, Vitamin E oil, CBD infused Coconut Oil


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